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Workshop: How to self publish a book with Publication Studio London. A demo...

Louisa Bailey is an artist, bookseller and publisher. She runs Publication Studio London, part of an international network of 11 print on demand studios who make books one at a time, by hand, and share digital files to create original work with artists and writers in cities around the world. PS seeks to establish an alternative economy for publication that can support risk-taking work which might not otherwise be published. Louisa is the founder of itinerant bookshop Luminous Books, she is also the Sales and Distribution assistant at Book Works and co-director of The Bower; a new gallery/bookshop/publication studio and cafe in Brunswick Park, Camberwell with a focus on sociopolitical and feminist practice.

This workshop will act as an introduction to getting started in self-publishing from production to distribution, including practical tips on printing and binding processes and facilities, useful resources, fundraising and ways to connect with audiences. Using the print on demand model of Publication Studio as a way to look at sustainable DIY publishing that incorporates readily-available digital technologies with affordable handmade elements.

Followed by a group crit session where participants can share and gain feedback on their own publishing projects at any stage — from initial idea to a work in progress.