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Talk: Un-edited Voices with Plantain Papers

Plantain Papers is an independent bi-annual journal and ode to plantain fryers, eaters and appreciators all over the world. Edited by Lemara Lindsay-Prince, Tamika Abaka-Wood and Tahirah Edwards-Byfield

Join Lemara Lindsay-Prince and Tamika Abaka-Wood sharing the skill of insight and active listneing in the process of editing. 

"Our backgrounds each share the skill of insight - where we’ve had to be active listeners to understand someone’s needs and deliver it to a brand in a relatable and digestible way. With our first issue it was important to maintain the person / narrator’s voice and not strip their lived experience out of a piece but really let their voice guide the heart of the story in the most true and rawest form possible. This is evident in all the pieces we curated for issue one particularly our profile on Authors of the Estate, the city of Detroit and its community and even our comical opener which details our co-fryer’s experience on a dating app. Authentic narratives are extremely important to us in an industry which tends to reduce and omit marginalised voices through failing to understand the person they interview and their intended audience in so many ways. Plantain Papers was very intentional in giving back agency to people and letting their narratives shine. This extends to our practice of letting every reader name their own issue and creating something by us but for us too."