Print your work at Rabbits Road Press during weekly Open Access sessions. Technicians will be on hand to support and advise you with your print job and there are basic resources in the space to help you make, trim and assemble your work (including a light box). You can print in A4 or A3 on various weight paper (max 200gsm). There is space to work in the studio so feel free to bring your things and spread out. 

Rabbits Road Press offers private printing slots outside Open Access hours on most weekends. A 3-hour technician supported slot is £50 (+ price of print job). These sessions are designed for people who have completed and induction and wish to have sole use of the press to print their work. Printing slots which require an induction can also be booked for £50, however these include 1:1 induction and are only available as a two-hour slot. Please email to check availability and book a slot.  

Artwork: Please bring hard copies of all artwork since we use the scanning bed to print. If you don’t have a printer there’s an internet cafe close by called Italian Caffe where you can print and photocopy. Artwork should be in greyscale.

Colours: florescent orange, florescent pink, medium blue, yellow, black, green, teal and purple (teal and purple are only available in A4, all other colours are available in A3 and A4). 

Paper: 80gsm recycled evercopy, 80gsm various coloured paper (different prices depending on size)

Masters (stencils): £1 (A4), £2 (A3)

Printed impressions: 10p (A4), 15p (A3)

We also have metallic gold ink. Please contact the press for prices, gold is more expensive.

Feel free to bring your own paper.