Spotlight: Etta Voorsanger-Brill

Having attended Open Access and been inducted a few weeks earlier, we welcomed Etta Voorsanger Brill back last week to print her BA Dissertation. Below are some fantastic examples of the way in which she incorporated Riso techniques to reflect her investigation into ephemera.

My project 'Travels in Ephemera', deals with trying to create a reliable narrative for women though out history. This was the final outcome of my BA Dissertation. I explore how ephemera (the word for items not designed for permanence, eg. receipts, train tickets & labels) can be a useful vehicle for evidencing women's history. I display my essay in the same way ephemera is displayed in archives - brown boxes and folders.

To analyse my text I use feminist theorists, like Helene Cixous or Virginia Woolf. I made a piece of ephemera relating to each of the women I discuss in my essay which are displayed alongside my book itself. In my dissertation I discuss Rabbit's Road Press in reference to creating your own ephemera through print making. I thought it was apt that I also printed at RRP. So, everything in my essay has been printed on the Risograph. As a woman making work about women, it was important to make my final outcome in a woman-friendly space- RRP helped me do that and helped shape my work.

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