New RRP Shop: Buy and Sell Work
Launch 12th May (online and IRL)

To coincide with the Open Day, we’re opening a shop! As part of our plan to make Rabbits Road Press a sustainable local arts space, we’ll be opening a shop packed with zines, posters and art prints, all produced at the press. The shop will launch online and IRL in the press on the Open Day, we've already started buying work and will continue to do this every week during Open Access. 

How it works: We're buying work from artists (max 5 copies) 'firm sale' at 50% of the retail price so you get paid even if the work doesn't sell and we take the risk. We have set prices for A4 and A3 prints but happy to negotiate for zines and other things. All of the profit will go back into the project and help create a more sustainable way of covering running costs of the free weekly public Open Access sessions. First up, we're hoping to raise enough money to buy a YELLOW drum, so RRP users will benefit from having a larger variety of colours to print from. If you’re interested in selling through the shop please get in contact or pop in during Open Access!