RRP x Design Museum

Last weekend we ran a newspaper making workshop responding to Hope to Nope Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18, an exhibition at the Design Museum. We discussed how news and information are communicated to us through different media, the context in which we receive messages and the techniques that have been employed. After a probing discussion about the factors that affect whether we believe the information we are receiving is reliable and trustworthy, we set ourselves the task or creating a newspaper of the future by taking control of information and subverting existing articles and images and turing them into new stories. We spent the second day at Rabbits Road Press, everyone was given a Risograph printing induction and then we set about printing, folding and assembling The Newestpaper. Throughout the day we made 60 copies in total (!), most of which were distributed amongst the group. A copy will be on display in the reading room at the Design Museum within the next few days but we also kept a bunch to distribute at Rabbits Road Press, you can grab a free copy during Open Access on the May 12th Open Day, while stocks last!  


IMG_1616 2.JPG