Typography Summer School - Diary

This year, RRP teamed up with Fraser Muggeridge and Create London to offer a creative Newham resident a free place at Typography Summer School. The place went to Baldeesh Bahra, this is how she got on.

Typography Summer School 2019

I am a college student, I am currently studying art and design, I enjoy graphic design and when I came across this opportunity to attend Typography Summer School I decided to apply and I got the place. I would recommend the Typography Summer School to students who have come out of university as well as students interested in graphic design. 

The course week consisted of talks from graphic designers, group workshops and independent work. The teachers were great and made you feel at home, being the youngest was scary but I also learnt a lot about graphic design as a career and it was nice getting advice from people who are older. 

My experience was good and I would highly recommend this for students who are interested in typography. By going to this course I found out that every Wednesday there is Open Access at the Library at Rabbits Road where you can use the printing  machines to create interesting effects, this is such a great thing to do and having it so close to me is amazing.